Inspired by Lilliane Scarlet's highly entertaining blog post, I decided to write my own fanon review! Unfortunately for me, the fanon I will be reviewing today has far less flaws. So, instead of an actual review, it will be more like listening to someone rant about two things they don't like. Hehe, sorry if I disappointed you. Without further ado, I introduce to you my "review" of Crossfire

A quick summary: Nalia is a 19-year-old blue firebender, whose father is killed by one of Fire Lord Sozin's "shepherds". The Shepherds are an elite, top-secret private army who take out any government or military member that Sozin feels is a threat. Nalia is forced to either become a Shepherd, or watch her sister die.

According to another, more formal review of this fanon, Crossfire draws inspiration from stories like Bourne Trilogy (nudge nudge, Lilliane) and Assassin's Creed. With that being said, there's quite a bit of mature content. Not only violence; there's a lot of language as well. Which brings me to my first point:

1. Language

Take a good, ten-second look at the fanon and you'll see there's a bunch of fancy words sprinkled in. Oh crap, I should've warned you before I gave the link, shouldn't I? *Facepalm* Yup, there goes my "big vocabulary" that any seven year old reading this just bursted into awkward giggles about.

Anyway, you go to the fanon portal to read a nice, whimsical, home-baked Avatar story. Something that's so in line with the show, that you can trick yourself into thinking you're sitting back on your couch with a cup of hot cocoa in front of the TV, watching an episode of Avatar the Last Airbender. And then, with alarm, you see a young woman saying "STFU!" (I would get more, er, fancy with the language, but for the sake of potential young readers, I won't.)

It's not just the language itself, but the fact that the language just doesn't fit with the fun-loving Avatar world we know. And even if we were to throw in a few curse words for the sake of showing a character's frustration, this much is going overboard. LESSON I'VE LEARNED ABOUT 19-YEAR-OLDS: They swear a lot.

But hey, this is my smaller problem of the two. If this was its own story, set in an individual universe, I likely wouldn't mind the language at all! I get it, it's to show a character's harsh demeanor. Speaking of character:

2. The Main Character

Nalia, voted best female character in the Fifth Fanon Awards, is far from angelic. She's a stereotypical badass girl: kills frequently, tells everyone around her to either STFU (or imagines them dying), and very rarely shows sentiment. Let's look at her quote, which is supposed to clarify that everything she's done is for her sister:

Do not judge me for what I have done. If you wouldn't do the same things to protect your sister and avenge your father, then you owe them an apology.

So we're told that going around killing people is just for the sake of her family. That in itself, I don't necessarily mind; but the problem is, she shows no remorse for doing this. She shows no second thoughts of killing her father's allies, even relishing murder. For examples, let's take the last chapter that has been released so far. Nalia goes to the Fire Sages Temple, to find the Avatar and kill him. She kills an old man guarding the temple and tucks his corspe into bed sweetly, yadda yadda yadda, really typical of what you've come to expect after the past chapters......and then, she pushes a Fire Sage who supports the Avatar, but has no clue where he is, off a cliff.


Nalia pushes Fire Sage off a cliff

Yeah, um, it's kind of hard to support someone who happily kills someone who, our childhood instincts says is part of the good guys. Oh, but wait! The last line is supposed to indicate some sort of mental turmoil for her! Sorry, Dad, the girl you raised me to be is dead. Coupled with a few quotes from before: Am I going insane? I think I'm going insane. Who wouldn't at that point? Yup, guys, since "saving my sister" isn't a valid excuse for going this far, she's just mentally crossed to the deep end! She looks something like this now:



The only hint that she'll ever do something "good" is in the introduction, where she swears to kill the Fire Lord. But hey, since she's shown absolutely nothing against the Fire Lord since she became a Shepherd, and is happily carrying out his duties:                                                       


I think shes lying


Kudos if you know what character in LoK she voices ---------------------------->

She's a bit crazy, can be condescendingly calm at times, is one of the rare users of blue fire, respects her father, and is "the Fire Nation's deadliest weapon". Sound familiar? I was pretty mad when she stole Azula's blue fire. NOBODY has that except for her. Next thing you know, she'll be donning royal Fire Nation wear and using lightning proficiently. Oh, and she'll engage in some kind of a "Agni Kai" and shoot lightning at the outsider! And then, we'll see her finally lose something....but aw, it's because she's mentally confused.


Stop trying to be me, Nalia.

I could keep ranting about Nalia's questionable actions, but I think I'll end it here. Hopefully, you get my gist. Feel free to read it, of course; there are many parts that make up for these two points. 

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