A haven for independent, rebellious young girls fighting oppression by a self proclaimed "Satan" group valuing its elders. 

Welcome to our Little Angelhood Against Raimundo-Satan! Edit

Ever felt pressured to just be "a little kid" when you're not? And as a result, be forced to accept early bedtimes and timeouts? Or expected to be more mature simply because of your life experience? Fear not, Our Little Angelhood Against Raimundo-Satan Wiki burdens none of those expectations. Speak out whatever you like, because here we are all free from demonic oppression.

However, there are some rules:

White Raven

The OLAARS Mascot

You must be fifteen or younger at time of joining the wiki. When you surpass the age of fifteen, you may continue to use the wiki as long as you maintain an angelic perspective towards life. Should you start displaying signs of rapid maturity and ignorance towards youth, we ask that you kindly keep demonic remarks to yourself or find another wiki. 

Example of what is not acceptable: "Yeah, not happening. You are way too young and inexperienced."

Example of what is acceptable: "Young people are swag and old people suck."

You must be a girl. This rule is rather straightforward, so I won't delve into it much. Some may ignorantly dismiss this rule as "sexist" but boys, especially those past the age of fifteen, are much easily influenced by Raimundo-Satanism. 

Treat everyone with respect, and no demonic remarks!

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